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Egypt Destroys Fuel Intended to be Smuggled into Gaza

December 9, 2009

Ma’an News reported on Monday that Egyptian forces had recently interdicted a shipment of diesel fuel that was to be smuggled into the Gaza Strip.  Authorities reportedly stormed a warehouse in the As-Salam neighborhood bordering Rafah, where they intercepted and destroyed some 30,000 liters of diesel that were to be transferred illegally into Gaza.

The raid comes amidst the onset of a severe fuel shortage in Gaza brought about by increased restrictions on the movement of goods into Gaza through Israel.  Hospitals in Gaza don’t have enough gas to sterilize medical equipment or provide heating for patients.

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  1. shirley permalink
    December 13, 2009 8:20 am

    Another pathetic act by Egypt.They are complicit in the occupation they help hand the palestinians back to the abusers.They should be doing everything in their power to break the seizethey are not helping the palestinians gain soverinty over any of their land instead being complicit along with Israel and America in this war crime.on humanitarian grounds Eygpt can do plenty to help by allowing in proper humanitarian aid this in turn would help egypts economy.UNRWA should stop buying from Israel for West Bank&Gaza .

  2. December 26, 2009 4:46 am

    I ask myself why of all the centres of evil on earth do I care most about Israel in Palestine. I think it is a mixture of things. Israel is the apartheid society of our times. It is a most transparent and unashamed bully, and bullying makes me more angry than anything else because it lies at the heart of injustice, and justice is the most important thing on earth. It should know so much better because of the historical experiences of so many of its people and it dishonestly claims to be a civilized nation which does know better while committing the most obscene actions. It lies, I believe, at the centre of political and global trouble and behaves with the irresponsible abandon of a drunken adolescent. It has managed to garner the irrational support of the powerful. Such things make for a uniquely dangerous mixture of evil.

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