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Much of Gaza’s Population Threatened by Contamination Resulting from Israeli Attacks, Study Finds

December 18, 2009

Countercurrents today carried the summary of a press release highlighting the findings of a recent study conducted by three European scientists on the potentially widespread contamination of the Gaza Strip that has resulted from past Israeli attacks on the territory.  Directed by Mario Barbieri, Maurizio Barbieri, and Paola Manduca, the study examined samples taken from four craters created by Israeli bombings of Gaza, two from 2006 and two from last winter’s assault.  Samples from one the craters from 2006, this one located in Beit Hanoun, show abnormally high concentrations of both tungsten and mercury, which are both carcinogenic.

Cadmium was found in high concentrations in one of the craters from 2009, this one in Tufah. High concentrations of the mutagenic element cobalt were found in both Tufah craters from 2009.  Astronomically high concentrations of molybdenum, which can be toxic to sperm, were found in all four craters, and the carcinogenic elements manganese, copper, zinc, and nickel were found in high concentrations in one of the Tufah craters.

Also examined by the report’s researchers was the vastly high concentrations of aluminum in Gazan soils, which was found to have resulted from the estimated 3500 phosphorus shells that were launched on Gaza during Operation Cast Lead.  Aluminum at such concentrations is known to induce degenerative diseases of the nervous system  and to harm fetuses.

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  1. Ellizabeth Barger permalink
    December 19, 2009 8:21 am

    I am bringing a handheld geiger counter with me from SEI, a company that has developed highly accurate hand held counters that have been used by governments and individuals all over the world to check radiation levels and stop the underground movement of nuclear matierials. I suspect, that since so many US weapons were used in the attack last year and from the continual bomming as I write, that there has been a considerable contamination by depleted uranium and its toxic by products. I would like to connect with someone in the area who would be interested in any findings I may make.

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