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US Support for the Gaza Freedom March

December 28, 2009
Remember, the Gaza Freedom March is also aiming to change domestic policy. Changing domestic policy means changing domestic mentalities, too, and, perhaps, ending domestic ignorance. So see below.
Hello GFM Folks,
Philadelphia, PA/USA:  December 27th, a small group gathered to watch, “Sling Shot Hip Hop” at a local CodePinker’s home.  Half the group were aware of the realities in Gaza and the other half were shocked and unaware–which is the whole point of these events (I think)…
A good discussion followed the screening, we were able to provide viewpoints from various religious and spiritual perspectives.  We all came away with the following hopes for the future:
  • Support the YOUNG folks on both sides, who seem to really want change,
  • Work to support boycotts and other actions that finally brought about the fall of apartheid in S. Africa.   (which came up often in our discussion for comparison purposes)
  • To continue to contact our legislators and telling them we want the siege lifted and to stop supporting Isreal’s occupation/military policies
  • And finally, wanting to purchase the music in the movie

Submitted by Debi Richter
Local Coordinator:
Delaware River Area CodePINK

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