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You Heard what a Police State Looks like?

December 29, 2009

Cairo, December 28:

All 32 members of the Greek delegation and 130 members of the French delegation–the latter had a letter from their government authorizing onward travel to Rafah–attempted to leave Cairo and head to the border crossing. In 3 buses, they attempted the crossing to el-Arish. The Egyptian government, meaning the secret police, the security forces, and the army, stopped them just out of Cairo. They stayed for 3 hours. The French team negotiated directly with the government. After negotiations, they went back to Cairo proper, with a heavy police escort, perhaps 30 total. The Greek/French convoy requested to be dropped off in front of the Circle Hotel, where they had pre-arranged a meeting with journalists. They were let off there with a police escort, but were not allowed to stay there. In turn, the police ushered them back onto the bus, in order to prevent communications with journalists. They tell me that their hotel is full of police, asking questions, harassing.

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