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Letter from a Palestinian Refugee

January 2, 2010

Guest post

It’s been a whole week since I’ve written an entry. So yesterday was the remembrance of the 1st day of the war on Gaza that took place last year. There were a lot of attempts from activists all over the world to go into Gaza and break the siege, but so far nobody has been let in. Being imprisoned for over a whole year is crazy. Not everybody could deal with such a thing, personally I doubt I’d be able to stay sane. The year 2009 had not started with hope, but wit  massive destruction and a massacre, and now some Palestinians are planning for their new year parties; that’s a shame. How could they party, and what exactly are they partying for? A year full of hope? A year in which there will be a movement to free their country, and the thousands of prisoners in Israeli jails? If we are so good at partying and having a great time, why is it that we are not good at freeing our country and fighting for our rights, specifically our right to live in peace and harmony? We have copied the west with their new year parties, valentine’s day and all other things that are considered to be “fun”, our schools now have “proms” which we have literally copied from movies. But what good have we taken from them? Why do we always tend to take the things which have no benefit to us or our families? Things which don’t make our societies more “civilized”, but makes them move backward rather than forward. Because of manipulating propoganda we are considered terrorists and instead of standing up for ourselves and proving others wrong, we have become ashamed of our identities: when abroad many of us try to fit in with others instead of being who we are. We cringe when somebody finds out our heritage or religion. We make nicknames for ourselves so nobody will notice our Muslim/Arabic names. Our enemy has achieved what they sought for. They do not want us to exist, and the first step to wiping us away and off the political map, and the history of human geography is making us ashamed of who we are. For when we are ashamed we try to be what will be acceptable among others. And before you know it you are brainwashed and you begin criticizing and disowning your own people. It’s the same method the whites used with the blacks in North   America; they brainwashed them, giving them new last names, treating them a  lower class citizens, until the black people started despising themselves and did what they could to be more “white”; such as conking their hair straight and dating white girls (which was taboo at that time). It’s quite ironic that history repeats itself, and we do nothing differently. We don’t even try to use logic to explain what is happening. No, we’re too busy living life as there’s nothing to it; as if there is nothing that we can achieve. So we are satisfied by the minimum we achieve, while others are reaching much higher and are achieving much more.

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